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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Subject:NarConon killed two more boys
Time:7:48 pm.
CORRIERE DELLA SERA Monday Feb 20, 1995 pag. 13

Tragedy while fighting drugs

"Two boys die at the dianetic center"

They were hosted in a center in Lombardy - same symptoms in both the victims - The defense: "we saved 1,200 people"

From our correspondant

TACENO (Lecco) - "Why don't you say instead that we saved 1,200 people from drugs?" Angela, an assistant of the Narconon community in Taceno, Valsassina, protests. Last night another guest of the center, the second, died at the hospital in Lecco. Paride Ella, 22 from Grassobbio (Bergamo), ceased to live after a 5 days agony. He had similar symptoms - vomit and diarrhoea - as the ones felt by Giuseppe Tomba, 26 from Solaro (Milano). But for him there even wasn't enough time to call a doctor. The "dianetic" community - rehabilitation from drugs through purification courses, vitamins and minerals "to get rid from negative entities" - is not provided with medical service, and the doctor of the village just established that Giuseppe's heart wasn't beating anymore. The two young men were at the beginning of the therapeutic path, the vitamins phase.

"When Paride started to feel bad, last Wednesday - Angela points out - the first aid station felt nothing serious was going on.

And we ourselves thought maybe it was a suggestive effect after his friend's death. However, we insisted to have him hospitalized." At the hospital his conditions revealed to be desperate: kidney insufficiency.

Tomorrow an autopsy will be held, while the results of the report about the first victim officially (by now) struck down by a heart attack, is being waited for.

Giuseppe Tomba was received by the community - one of the 13 Narconon centers coordinated by the "Association for a Better Future" - on the 9th last, while Paride on the 7th last. Both of them were hoping to get out the tunnel without methadone or other drugs, but taking inspiration from the dianetic principles common to a galaxy of movements imported from the USA (The Court of Cassation has recently acquitted the the Church of Scientology of Ron Hubbard of the charge of crime association[*]) Two parallel tragedies: a perverse coincidence or something didn't work in the "therapeutical programme"?

One gets into Narconon with a health certificate and a Lit. 15 millions [Euro 7,690 ] cheque: a "donation", not a payment. The treatement is based upon psichotherapy and vitamins. Products that do not need a prescription to chase away the drug temptation.

Taceno, a former spa hotel, started its activity a couple of years ago: 25 operators (several ex drug-addicts or friends of them, illuminated on the way of drugs by the Hubbard's doctrines) and 70 beds.

An existance afflicted by polemics. The mayor of Taceno asked in vain the closing of the ex hotel. Now these two deads, one after the other. "They are drugs victims, not victims of the community - the operators make common front - just like the other hundred struck down by an overdose in Italy since the beginning of the year". Andrea Biglia

[*] note of the translator: in Italy the Court of Cassation (or Supreme Court) has not the power to "acquit", just to quash a sentence for *formal vices*. Two different Appeal Courts found Scientologists guilty of several crimes, and the CofC cancelled their decisions sending the proceeding back to a new Appeal Court. Last cancellation is dated Nov. 1997. Scientology welcomed it as a "victory for religious liberty", backed in this by CESNUR Italy. This trial began back in 1987 and we're still waiting...

original article:
CORRIERE DELLA SERA Lunedì 20 febbraio 1995 pag. 13

Tragedia nella lotta alla droga

Due ragazzi morti al centro dianetico Erano ospiti di un centro in Lombardia - Nelle vittime gli stessi sintomi La difesa: "Ne abbiamo salvati 1200" DAL NOSTRO INVIATO

TACENO (Lecco) - "Ma perché non dite invece che dalla droga ne abbiamo salvati 1200", protesta Angela, un'assistente della comunità Narconon di Taceno, Valsassina. L'altra notte, all'ospedale di Lec-co, un altro ragazzo ospite del centro, il secondo, Pa-ride Ella, 22 anni, di Grassobbio (Bergamo), ha cessa-to di vivere dopo 5 giorni di agonia. Disturbi simili vomito e dissenteria - a quelli che martedì scorso aveva accusato Giuseppe Tomba, 26 anni, di Solaro (Milano). Per lui però non c'era stato nemmeno il tempo di chiamare un medico. La comunità "dianeti-ca" - il recupero dalla droga attraverso corsi di puri-ficazione, vitamine e sali minerali "per liberarsi dalle entità negative" - non dispone di servizio sanitario e il dottore del paese aveva solo constatato che il cuore di Giuseppe non batteva più. I due giovani erano agli inizi del percorso terapeutico, la fase delle vitamine.

"Quando mercoledì Paride si è sentito male - sot-tolinea Angela - la guardia medica non credeva a nulla di serio. Anche noi pensavamo, chissà, a un ef-fetto della suggestione dopo la morte del compagno. Tuttavia abbiamo insistito per il ricovero". In ospe-dale le sue condizioni si sono rivelate disperate: insuf-ficienza renale. Domani l'autopsia, mentre si attendo-no ancora i risultati della perizia sulla prima vittima, ufficialmente, per ora, stroncata da infarto. Giuseppe Tomba nella comunità - uno dei 13 cen-tri Narconon coordinati dall'"Associazione per un futuro migllore" - era stato accolto lo scorso 9, Paride il 7. Entrambi nella speranza di uscire dal tunnel non con il metadone o altri farmaci, ma ispirandosi ai principi dianetici comuni a una galassia di movimenti importati dagll Usa (la Chiesa di Scientologv di Ron Hubbard è stata appena assolta in Cassazione dall'accusa di associazione a delinquere). Due tragedie parallele: perversa coincidenza o qualcosa non ha funzionato nel "programma terapeutico"? A Narconon si entra con un certificato medico e un assegno di 15 milioni: "donazione", non pagamento. Trattamento a base di psicoterapia e di vitamine. Prodotti che non richiedono la ricetta per cacciare la tentazione della droga. Taceno, ex albergo termale, funziona da un paio d'anni: 25 operatori (numerosi ex tossici o loro amici illuminati sulla strada della droga dalle dottrine di Hubbard) per 70 posti.

Un'esistenza travagliata dalle polemiche. Invano il sindaco di Taceno aveva chiesto la chiusura dell'ex albergo. Ora le due morti una dopo l'altra. "Sono vit-time della droga, non della comunità - fanno fronte comune gll operatori - Come gll altri cento già stroncati da overdose in Italia dall'inizio dell'anno". Andrea Biglia
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Sunday, February 27th, 2005

Subject:America is on the fast track to fascism
Time:10:43 am.
Mood: angry.
From The North County Times, 2/26/05:

On the fast track to fascism

By: PAUL JACOBS - For The Californian

Years ago, a Temecula activist group circulated an antigrowth petition. Stone, a councilman at the time, signed the petition with an assumed name. The political climate was running pretty hot in those days and perhaps Stone lost his cool for a brief moment. No harm was meant or came from the action, but that minor political scandal caused a local murmuring brouhaha. Stone has matured and gained wisdom as a statesman to more than make up for that somewhat amusing and insignificant indiscretion.

Recently, there has been a far more egregious case of an imposter in the White House that is being largely ignored by the media. The revelation that a member of the White House press corps used an assumed name during presidential briefings for two years should draw some media attention.

Considering the unvetted reporter with an alias had a lurid past with connections to gay Internet porn sites that include his own image, the story should be getting boffo coverage. Had this scandal occurred during the Clinton years, the press would be frenzied, doing cartwheels to repeatedly report this titillating tale. There would be gleeful tears in the eyes of grateful news anchors, not seen since the days of Monica's blue dress. But the media has not tenaciously followed the Bush scandals with the rabid fervidness inflicted upon the Clinton administration.

Maybe Jeff Gannon isn't the only shill in the news industry. Gannon, whose real name is James Guckert, attended White House press briefings for the past two years with day passes issued from the Bush press office. According to the few media reports I could find on the story, Guckert/Gannon had minimal credentials as a reporter before receiving the pass, but he did have ties to a Republican group called gopusa.com. Gannon never asked the president any hard questions and most of his reporting consisted of copying White House press releases.

The charade might have continued had Gannon not drawn attention to himself by asking the president a leading question that included a partisan snipe that Democrats divorced themselves from reality. It was recently discovered that the White House paid at least three journalists to promote administration policies and programs. Now they have been caught putting a plant amongst seasoned journalists to lob softball questions during press briefings.

This is a level of propaganda that Soviet-era journalists must find nostalgically impressive. It is exceedingly suspicious that the news media hasn't jumped all over this story that is certainly as scandalous, salacious and scintillating as the sex and celebrity scandals that seem to be non-stop fodder for the news media.

The news blackout of this juicy story is distressing. America's corporate and political elite control the news media. Freedom of information and speech are quickly becoming relics of a bygone republic. America is on the fast track to fascism.
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Subject:First entry!
Time:10:41 am.
Mood: loved.
I've heard about Live Journal for a year or two, but never got aroundto looking at it. I like it!
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